Four African-American Teenagers Avoid Trouble and Earn Jobs

Four African-American teenagers have exemplified the true meaning of saying no to peer-pressure.  After being approached by local gang members and presented with an opportunity to become members of the gang, the teens made a definitive move to refuse the cancerous offer; instead, they went looking for employment.

Their job hunt led them to the office of The LaGrange Housing Authority CEO, Zsa Zsa Heard.  After being thoroughly questioned by Heard, […]

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Determined African-American Teenager Inspires a Nation

“The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.”- Malcolm X.

A determined African-American teenager by the name of Fred Barley, has caught our attention at V3P.  One hot summer day, Fred decided to ride 50 miles on a bicycle, just to camp out on the campus grounds of Gordon State University, until school dorms opened up for Fall classes.  After campus security found Fred’s tent hidden within […]

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