“The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.”- Malcolm X.

A determined African-American teenager by the name of Fred Barley, has caught our attention at V3P.  One hot summer day, Fred decided to ride 50 miles on a bicycle, just to camp out on the campus grounds of Gordon State University, until school dorms opened up for Fall classes.  After campus security found Fred’s tent hidden within a patch of bushes on the school’s campus, Fred was forced to explain his story of being homeless and looking for work as he anticipated the start of classes.  After a series of charitable donations from campus security and local residents, Fred’s story went viral via social media.  Fred told reporters of his plans to finish his undergraduate work with a major in Biology, with aspirations of going to medical school.  Over a five day span, Fred had garnered over $180,000 in cash donations from individuals across the United States.  He intends on saving the money to help fund his future school expenses.

We are extremely impressed and hopeful after hearing Fred’s story.  At V3P, we truly hope to inspire every African-American youth that walks through our doors, to see the value in education just as much as Fred has surely exemplified.  One of the many missions that have been birthed at V3P, is the mission of breaking perpetual cycles of generational poverty within African-American communities across the country; and we know that conquering and valuing every level of education is extremely vital in achieving such a great feat.  We will implore and prepare our youth to accept the challenge of whatever tomorrow may bring, all because they deserve our best!