Four African-American teenagers have exemplified the true meaning of saying no to peer-pressure.  After being approached by local gang members and presented with an opportunity to become members of the gang, the teens made a definitive move to refuse the cancerous offer; instead, they went looking for employment.

Their job hunt led them to the office of The LaGrange Housing Authority CEO, Zsa Zsa Heard.  After being thoroughly questioned by Heard, to see if they were the right young men for the company, she asked the teens the proverbial question that all working individuals have heard before, “Why do you want to work here?”  Without any hesitation, the boys quickly replied, “We don’t want to be in a gang.”  Being deeply moved by their emphatic response, Heard immediately hired the four young men on the spot.  The duties that have been delegated to the young teenagers include: mail disbursement, gardening, and helping out in the kitchen area, etc.

These are the kind of examples that can and should always permeate throughout the African-American community.  At V3P, we have made it our purpose to ensure that we are playing our part to promote positivity, and we are extremely grateful for and proud of the resiliency that was displayed by those four young men.  Our youths have a dire need to do the right things, and all it takes is an individual or a community to lend a helping hand.