We, at V3P, recently had the opportunity to partner with St. Mary’s Food Bank of Arizona in hosting a local food drive. Through our service, we helped box up over 16,320 meals to help feed many starving adults and children. We had a strong turnout and it was great to see our community come together to help families in need. According to the National Center for Children in Poverty, 51% of children who reside in Arizona, are considered to live in low-income homes; we can only imagine how difficult it may be to feed a family, while trying to keep the lights on. Although the aforementioned figure may seem insurmountable to some, we will continue to do our part while reducing and eventually eradicating the face of poverty within our communities.

By personally boxing and preparing each meal for delivery, our youth learned a valuable lesson; they learned the importance of showing service to their communities. At V3P, we understand the need to positively influence and cultivate the value system of our youth. If our children grow up knowing community service as a daily norm, imagine what this world will be!