V3P has officially concluded its highly successful Summer-long food and hygiene drive, with South Pointe Middle School of Phoenix, AZ.  After reaching out to many local companies and religious organizations, between the months of May and August, we amassed thousands of dollars’ worth of food and hygiene products and managed to consistently provide assistance for about 30 needy families.  Although the drive presented some small challenges, we were able to persevere through and finish strongly!

Wanting to continue our consistent efforts to support our community, we at V3P decided to approach the administrators at South Pointe Middle School.  After speaking with the school’s principal, Melissa Barnett and the school’s Counselor, Jeffery Tanner, we learned of the school’s unique dilemma; and we wanted to learn more.  Throughout the school year, South Pointe Middle School typically provides additional food and hygiene items for needy students to take home to their families, but their program doesn’t extend to the summer months when students are not attending school.  Understanding the impoverished conditions in which many students of the aforementioned school hail from, we immediately formed a partnership with the school, and took it upon ourselves to exhibit our care and concern for our fellow community members by filling a necessary void.

We want to emphatically thank all of those who extended a hand and allowed V3P to make good on our promise to help those who are in need.  We have other projects in the works, and we will be making those announcements when the time is appropriate.